The Cause

Improving the quality of life for Veterans who have sacrificed the most.

About Semper Grati Project

Founded in Tennessee by Veterans and like-minded supporters, Semper Grati Project operates through a strong Board of Directors, ensuring SGP tackles front-line efforts to facilitate the most impactful and immediate change a Veteran is needing.

Semper Grati Project was granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service functioning as a charity under 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the organization are deductible as charitable contributions. The SGP Federal I.D. number for donations is 92-0487938. For information please contact us directly.


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Erin Sowden

Erin Sowden resides in San Diego, CA. She has been a California licensed attorney for more than 20 years. In the past, she worked in legal private practice and with the federal government focusing on national security issues. She attended law school at University of San Francisco. Ms. Sowden speaks Spanish and has lived and traveled abroad extensively. She has an affinity for helping Veterans based on her father’s career with the US Air Force and his service in the Vietnam.

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Chad Wiley

Chad Wiley is a former US Army Special Forces “Green Beret” Intelligence Sergeant and has completed deployments around the globe. He speaks Arabic, is a 100% disabled Veteran, and currently works in the defense sector.

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Eric Brown

Eric Brown is a board certified Emergency Physician, faculty in emergency medicine resident training, and entrepreneur. He is a firm believer that benefits due to Veterans, especially those related to health and well-being, should be delivered to Veterans as promised.

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Christian Irvine

Christian Irvine is a former US Army Special Forces “Green Beret” Medical Sergeant and has done numerous deployments both as a soldier and USG contractor. He completed graduate school immediately following military service and started helping Veterans find better outcomes after encountering an overwhelming number of Veterans looking for solutions. He is based in the greater Nashville TN area.

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